Saturday, March 23, 2013

Much needed break

I have been thoroughly enjoying this mini-break I'm on!! I had my finals the earlier part of this week and my next class doesn't start until next Wednesday, which has gives me about 5-6 days of free time to do whatever lol. And the timing was perfect because Lewis got his week off the day I finished my final and goes back to work the day I start school, which means that we get to spend some much needed time together without me having to worry about school or work..... YASSSS :)

Today we got together with some of our coupled up friends from church and had lunch at this really nice shopping center/mall and then just sort of hung out, sight seeing and enjoying the pretty weather. It was nice to hang out with other couples, and also nicer for me cause I hadn't really gotten to experience the couple date before. For making good grades in my classes, Lewis let me pick out any pair of shoes I wanted so I got some Jessica Simpson heels..... This is the start of a beautiful relationship..... I'm already in love with the shoes!

Lewis and I are trying to get the most out of out week together: we recently picked out our wedding rings, plan to sit down and make a semi-final guest list, going to get him fixed for his tuxedo....and lay around be lazy together..... He wanted me to know that I was supposed to give him all my attention while he was home. lol such a man baby.

Now more than ever am I trying to get more girlier...... After being called "basic" by my friend while shopping I became fully aware of how, for lack of a better word, BASIC I really was in a fashion sense. I tend to gravitate more towards comfortable, generic style clothing and I really want to get away from that..... I just don't know how! So I am slowly working towards finding my own little style and building on it. Pray for me lol......

We've had a pretty great day, and now Lewis is out with his friend for a while so I guess I'll get dinner going and just chill out for the rest of the evening......

Good day folks!

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