Tuesday, March 26, 2013

School grind

The break was nice, but now I have to get back on the school train and ride out these last 8 wks of the semester! I'm starting my pediatric rotation and I'm hoping I don't fall in love with any of the kids there, I also hope I don't come home crying every week after seeing a sick baby...... I have such a soft heart lol. While I was lolly-gagging with Lewis these past few days, I didn't get on the computer much and I didn't expect to see all this work I'm responsible for turning in on the first day of clinical (which happens to be tomorrow actually) I've knocked out my two math quizzes, I just need to finish 2 more worksheets before I am due to be in class at 10 a.m...... I can manage that.

I am planning to have a great 8wks in this class! No slacking!

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