Sunday, February 5, 2017

Cricut obsessed

Do you guys know what a Cricut is? If you do, then you know this machine is HEAVEN SENT! If you don't then definitely look these bad boys up and thank me later.......

One of my good sisters at church first introduced this little magical box to me last year while we were discussing/doing another unrelated project. She explained that is was a cutting machine that was able to cut through many different materials and that you had the capability to create and cut with the software making just about anything you can think of. At first the cricut was just a passing conversation in my mind, but by Christmas I was seeing so many different projects that it had created or had the potential to make and was adding it to my list of things to get! My hubby ended up pulling a one, two on me and the Cricut Explore Air gold was sitting under the tree on Christmas morning :) It was about a month before I actually got to open it up but once I did...... It was ON.

There is so much to do with this little machine, I've been all over youtube and the Cricut design space researching ideas and have actually become overwhelmed with all the projects that I have stored away to try 😌 These aren't my work or pics but here are some examples of products from the Cricut machine

Pretty neat, huh? I've done just a few projects so far since I'm still learning how to use my machine but I aspire to do soooooo much more..... and I can't wait!

 Off to find a project to do........

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Just to let you know........

Good morning ya'll!! I don't know why I have neglected to let you know this tidbit of information but..... I am a new representative for Avon! Yep, I started my journey as a rep a few months ago and I am extremely excited to be a part of this great company that offers great products for everyone in the family at really affordable prices! I mean everyone knows someone who has used an Avon product or knew a person who sold it at least one time in their life, right? For me, it was my mom who used to be a rep for a few years while I was growing up so I was exposed to the company as a child..... Still of good quality even til this day. :)

I wanted to be sure to extend the opportunity for you all to shop with me through my online store. We are currently in Campaign 4 and have just released a new skin care line called Nutraeffects, please check it out!

 We also have a new hot fragrance out, Little Red Dress, that is perfect for Valentine's.
Free full sized shower gel and body lotion with purchase of perfume!

 I DO mail out samples so don't hesitate to ask me to send you something you want to try/smell.

Are you interested in selling Avon? Avon is the place where you have the opportunity to earn up to $1000 in 90 days with their kickstart program!! For more details and to sign up as a Rep click here.

I love Avon, and I hope you shop and find something you'll end up loving too!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

So, What's up?

Ladies, how ya'll feeling out there? Fellas, ya'll alright? 😏 (shoutout to Ms. Badu)

What's going on witcha on this Glorious Sunday?  Is it still f-f-f-freezing where you are? I know most of America caught that cold front that came though over the last few days. Out here in my part of TX we woke up to 25° weather with a high of 50 today, with plenty of sunshine! I mean, the sun isn't breaking up this cold but at least it's pretty out lol. No real plans for us today, just a bunch of chill time. I'll probably watch my little one terrorize the front room for a while (he's currently rebooting his energy through naptime as I type this) and attempt to redirect his attention to something that doesn't involve pulling all of the movies off the shelves or running like a crazed piglet with a crayon in his hand rerouting relentlessly towards our light grey couch every 10 seconds..... wish me luck.

What are you doing today? How has your day been so far? I want to know..... comment below so we can chat!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Back in action!

"And now coming to the stage, Brrrrrriiiiittttanaaaaaaayyy!" *stadium chant* Brittany,  Brittany, Brittany.......

I'm back ya'll!

It's been a very long time, and I hate that! You would probably have a hard time believing the story surrounding my LONG A** absence, but I'll share it anyways.... 

During the time I was posting, I had just finished nursing school [again] and developed a bad case of writers block. Really could've been that my brain was exhausted at this point due to schooling back to back like I did. Then we got pregnant. After that, I think pregnancy brain kicked in real heavy and my mind was constantly consumed with everything else all the time to where at some point I forgot my login and password. Not to mention being a first time mom consumes your entire being.....for a long while. Very long while.

So, yeah. That's the background of why I've been a distant memory all this time. By chance, someone commented on an old post and all my memory came flooding back like a concert flashback lol for this I am thankful!!

Oh my goodness there is so much to talk about.... but for now I will leave you with this post to let ya'll know out there that I'm back at it!!

Be hearing from me soon.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The year has started off pretty good for us... lots of plans in the works for 2015. It's been a struggle trying to decide on items to decorate the house with and really I have been just one tired lady lately.....When I'm not working, I'm glued to either my bed or the couch.

Absolutely no energy.....

But I guess that's to be expected when you are EXPECTING.

You guessed it! I am carrying our first baby and we are sooooo excited about it! I've been wanting to say something for a while computer is all the way upstairs compared to where my bed and the couch are so, you know.... just hadn't gotten around to it lol

I don't have any postworthy belly shots yet, but they will soon be coming! I had started working out by doing prenatal yoga and going to the gym, but I hadn't been keeping up with it. Surely don't want that to come back and bite me so I need to find somebody's energy to start back up again.

That's pretty much all I've been up to lately. What about ya'll?