Sunday, January 8, 2017

So, What's up?

Ladies, how ya'll feeling out there? Fellas, ya'll alright? 😏 (shoutout to Ms. Badu)

What's going on witcha on this Glorious Sunday?  Is it still f-f-f-freezing where you are? I know most of America caught that cold front that came though over the last few days. Out here in my part of TX we woke up to 25° weather with a high of 50 today, with plenty of sunshine! I mean, the sun isn't breaking up this cold but at least it's pretty out lol. No real plans for us today, just a bunch of chill time. I'll probably watch my little one terrorize the front room for a while (he's currently rebooting his energy through naptime as I type this) and attempt to redirect his attention to something that doesn't involve pulling all of the movies off the shelves or running like a crazed piglet with a crayon in his hand rerouting relentlessly towards our light grey couch every 10 seconds..... wish me luck.

What are you doing today? How has your day been so far? I want to know..... comment below so we can chat!

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