Sunday, February 5, 2017

Cricut obsessed

Do you guys know what a Cricut is? If you do, then you know this machine is HEAVEN SENT! If you don't then definitely look these bad boys up and thank me later.......

One of my good sisters at church first introduced this little magical box to me last year while we were discussing/doing another unrelated project. She explained that is was a cutting machine that was able to cut through many different materials and that you had the capability to create and cut with the software making just about anything you can think of. At first the cricut was just a passing conversation in my mind, but by Christmas I was seeing so many different projects that it had created or had the potential to make and was adding it to my list of things to get! My hubby ended up pulling a one, two on me and the Cricut Explore Air gold was sitting under the tree on Christmas morning :) It was about a month before I actually got to open it up but once I did...... It was ON.

There is so much to do with this little machine, I've been all over youtube and the Cricut design space researching ideas and have actually become overwhelmed with all the projects that I have stored away to try 😌 These aren't my work or pics but here are some examples of products from the Cricut machine

Pretty neat, huh? I've done just a few projects so far since I'm still learning how to use my machine but I aspire to do soooooo much more..... and I can't wait!

 Off to find a project to do........

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