Monday, March 18, 2013

Idle Chit Chat

                 Idle chit chat

This is my first round of finals in the semester so it's study/cram time for me. A smarter person would have taken last week (which was spring break for me) and studied real good so that they are uber prepared for the exams..... I wasn't that person. I had to handle wedding business for majority of my break so that only left the weekend for me to "try" to study. Fail. I ended up being busy most of the weekend as well....... Glad I actually feel confident about these tests otherwise I would be sick to my stomach right now lol

Sooooo..... I accidentally poured washer fluid into the brake system of my car the other day. According to Lewis that was among one of the worse things I could have done to my car O.o Ooops? For the record though, the cap is NOT labeled "brake system" it just says clean the filler before removing or some ish like that....... It wasn't alot of fluid but Lewis said that no other fluid except brake fluid is supposed to go in there so I had to go get my brakes flushed. The dude was tryna really scare me by saying "Oh we can't be too sure that your brakes will ever work properly again" Then why am I giving you my money if you can't guarantee that you can get it all out??? Anyways it's panning out to be an all day affair; there's no telling when I'll get my car back. I was told not to ever get under the hood of my car again........ Deal.

After I take my last final I plan to do some major chilling....... and spring cleaning! This place need a refreshing organize and I'll have a little over a week to do it. Can't wait.

My sew-in is doing okay, I think I'm going to go ahead and take it out thought. The thread is getting loose and it's almost time for a relaxer so I need to wash my hair properly before then. I realized I need to use a chelating shampoo on my hair because of the hair water here; this will help my hair retain moisture a whole lot better than it has been. I am still having moisture problems!

I guess I'll go start dinner for myself...... Nobody else is going to do, and plus I'm carless at the moment so I really don't have a choice of to-go foods.

Good day All!!

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