Monday, March 18, 2013

Wedding stuff: the meeting

Last week was such a blur. I was on spring break (my last one EVER btw! Sad face) and had to make a trip to East TX for wedding planning. It was kind of like an awkward experience for me. By the end of the day I was overwhelmed, a bit overstimulated and extra tired. Let me give you an overview of what all I did!

My planner decided to bring a florist along with us so she could envision arrangements as we went. I've never worked with floral arrangements so that was totally out of my league and over my head to begin with.... but I digress. Our first stop was the church; we created a ceremony design and talked about how things would look on the day. One of my issues with the church is that they have these side windows with sheer curtains on them that I would have to walk past to get to the front of the church. Everybody would see me walking by the windows and my grande Cinderella entrance will be ruined! So we talked about a way to either cover the windows up or shield me so that I make it into the church unseen. Coming up with those ideas was fun lol

Next we made a trip to the reception place. There we conjured up a design (we aren't really theme people) and made a rough looking schematic for table placement and room setup. The owner actually gave us a few ideas and had pictures of other events that we could see. He even said that he could help out by using some of the decor he had to drape the ceiling for us- for free! Thank you!

After lunch, we headed over to a rental place to look at decorations. We ended up basically getting everything rented there at a dirt cheap price! No seriously, what place can you think of that will drape the table, put on an overlay, cover up to 6 chairs and put sashes on them for only $30 a table??? NOBODY buddy!!! I was elated, I just knew we were about to just hand over all of our money at this place......With the decorations in my sight and the layout I think that the reception is going to be soooo beautiful, I can't wait to see it as it's coming together!

My day was almost over (yes, all of this had to be done in one day) but I still needed to taste the food from the caterer and see what this florist was talking about in terms of pricing. Once the food made it and I had my taste, the caterer actually apologized claiming she's not used to cooking for one person so the food may not taste all the way good....... She was right, it was just..... eh. We talked about what all need to be done to the food for the reception and she stored that away in her memory bank. Now the florist: She was just scribbling away on a sheet of notebook paper! She finally showed me a price and, to be completely honest: IT WAS EFFIN' OUTRAGEOUS. But like I said at the very beginning, I was overwhelmed and overstimulated so like a goof ball I said "I guess that looks okay" but in my head I was screaming "Oh hell naw! We not paying that!" I ended up giving the florist a deposit then on the total, but in actuality it's really just to secure her services. Later after it was all over someone sat me down and explained that she only gave me an estimate, not a for sure price so I won't know the real total until these flowers are in season. So, that had me thinking, did she try and hit me with the okey doke?

After all of that was done, I spent the next day searching for flowergirl dresses with one of my flower girls...... she couldn't wait to try them on! It was too cute lol..... I didn't decide on one yet, at least now I know the girls sizes and can send their moms pics as I come across some cute ones.

124 days to go! EEEEEEK!

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  1. Not sure if you're a DIYer but depending on the kind of flowers you want, it might be a LOT cheaper to order them in bulk from a service that is used to doing it for weddings. When I was planning the wedding that never happened lol I wanted calla lilies and from the florist they were crazy high. I could get the ones I really wanted from pacific callas I think it was called for 300 total which was enough for tables and the bridal party. I'm not a big flower girl though so I may have been skimping a bit there.