Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nothing of substance

Lately I have been feeling like I have nothing of good quality to talk about on the blog. I don't want to bore you guys with my school activities (hell I would bore myself) and my love life.... well, Lewis is gone back to work out of town so I don't get to interact with him much. Wedding planning-wise: not much I can really handle as of right now. I go back to East TX next month to do some wedding business so I'll have an update on that then. Other than that, nada.

Am I suffering from writer's block?

Here's the issue: sometimes a post idea will come to me at the most random times and then later when I am in front of the computer, I can't remember it! Or, as I am creating a post my words just don't come together like I want them too so I delete the whole thing. And then there is just those times when I'm staring at a blank page, watching the cursor blink. This is probably more like Blogger's Rut.

Perhaps I am just putting way too much thought into it and I just need to start typing away and see what happens........... Help would be nice!

If you guys could please, PRETTY PLEASE send me some suggestions or ideas I would greatly appreciate it! It would stop me from feeling like a loser in bloggerland. And I'll continue to try and come up with more exciting thing here at So this is what they call life!

Make today great folks :)

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  1. Sometimes just jot the idea down or better yet if you are near a computer type the first few lines into a blog and just save it until you're ready to write. If you're really desperate for ideas though check out Each month they tend to have different themes or writing prompts.