Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week re-cap

School this week was something like a breeze! I can't really figure out why though, just seemed to flow very well and speed through. I think the fact that my Love bug came home for a few days had a lot to do with it :) Gosh I missed him so.......

I had a pretty busy week at school. I had to present my teaching project in clinical and I'm so glad I made the right move to go first among the presenters! I say that because the other people had handouts in COLOR ink and poster boards with animations while all they had to look at for my presentation was my beautiful face lol. There was no way I was topping that if I let them go before me..... Whew! Dodged that bullet.

I had an exam this week also. I felt pretty confident about the material, so I felt really confident about the test. Thankfully I passed that with no worries! A lot of the other students weren't too thrilled with the exam or their grades..... Blessed that I wasn't one of them.

Our church is studying from a book that talks about finances and how to set yourself up to become wealthy. It was written by one of our own church members Bro. Arthur Toole III. I think it has some valuable information worth looking into, especially for the growing young adult- like myself. It's not a how-to book per se, but it does put ideas in your head that you hadn't thought about. The book is called Don't eat from the F.I.G tree, I think everyone should definitely look into it!

After all the hustle and bustle of the week, I decided to take Friday as my day to just sort of mellow out. I didn't have work or school so I was pretty much free to do whatever........I ended up being very unproductive lol. I filed my taxes that morning (E-file with Turbo Tax!) and then I sort of awkwardly walked around the mall for about 2hrs trying to shop. I think I walked into about 8 or 9 stores in total and bought nothing! I was disappointed in myself. I hate shopping, but I want clothes! Crazy right? After that I had a datenight aka "girls night out" with my friend to a burger joint followed by heading to a Spoken Word event. I'd never heard Spoken Word live before then and although my friend told me the show wasn't all that good, I really enjoyed just getting dressed up and being out of the house. The things we look forward to......

Today, I plan to start studying a little bit and also gathering information for my NEXT presentation that is due in 2wks...... Followed by doing a bunch of NOTHING lol

I love weekends, the only time you can turn your mind off during different times of the day and everyone is okay with it!

Make the rest of the weekend a good one :)

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