Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's time

I'm 5wks post currently and I definitely feel like it's time to go ahead and put my hair away for a while. I thought I could just grin and bare the texture differences and not being able to straighten my hair out as often as I like but this is starting to give me image issues lol. It doesn't help that I noticed right off the bat with my very first wash after relaxing that my under processed hair is still lingering about..... I am in desperate need of a corrective relaxer at this point! I do want to wait until my stretch is over to deal with any type of relaxing so until then I need to put my hair out of sight, and almost  out of mind. 

I've been heavily considering getting a bob, a layered bob to be more specific. They have always been one of the cutest styles to do (to me) when you want to spice you hair up. Only thing is, I don't plan on cutting my hair to achieve the 'do.... I decided I want to get a sew in. What more versatile way to try a shorter hair style than get it sewn in? I've been doing my research on sew ins lately cause this will be my first one and I want to make sure I'm using the right type of hair for what I want to do. With the right quality. At the right price. I've actually already called and talked to someone about doing my hair, I just need buy the hair and set up an appointment to get it done! I'm super excited about trying this style out..... Wonder how it will look on my face???? 

Here are some styles I've been browsing from the Google search engine:

The last one is my favorite!


  1. The last picture is really cute! I'm sure you'll be relieved to get a break from your hair with a sew-in. Hope it goes well :)

  2. Love the last hairstyle. I really want that style but just a little longer.

    1. I feel like bobs are about to make a (re)debut! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm familiar with that itch to get your hair put away too. Go for it I say!