Saturday, February 23, 2013

Idle Chit Chat

Today has been mildly eventful for me. I woke up early thinking I would get go ahead and get a head start on washing clothes (since the laundry room gets busy on the weekends) but I actually just ended up lounging in bed for a little over an hr before starting.... I owed that to myself for studying hard all week for my exams and my long day at work yesterday. Today I thought I would chill out and take time to do some of the things I have been putting off lately but here I am, 12hrs later and I've only really accomplished 2 1/2 things on my mental list.......Ugh, weekend why have you betrayed me????

Good news though: Lewis comes home to "visit" tomorrow. I hate saying that he visits, but he's technically been at work most of the year which (in my mind) constitutes him coming home visiting......I digress from that. Although I have school, we plan to make the most of the time that he's home.

Omgoodness! The Walking Dead! Is anybody as addicted to it as I am? Last weeks' episode had me biting my nails in frustration..... how dare the Govna'! Can't wait til the newest episode comes on this week!

Have you ever bought something in a store and a few days/weeks later found the same something online for cheaper?  Well did you then order that something and proceed to return the one that you bought in the store? This has happened to me recently and it bothers me to return the item after opening and using it, BUT it won't bother me to get my $50 back and only spend $8 online!!!! You know what? I actually feel better already......

I need to do an update on Operation: All wedding everything..... Look for it coming up!

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