Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Updates.... O:AWE

Right now Wednesday is what I consider my lounge day during the week. I usually take this day to catch up on my select t.v. shows, clean up the apt, run most of the errands etc, etc. Thankfully I don't have an exam tomorrow so I can fully take advantage of the day......... Sun's out, birds chirping and it's fairly breezy. Great day grab lunch with a friend or something :)

So it's been about a month since I posted O:AWE and I wanted to share an update on the different areas.....

Hair: I've been keeping up with my simple little regimen pretty good. There have been times when I had to wait an extra day or so to actually wash my hair because of an unexpected event or lack of good timing, but for the most part it's going smoothly. My first pre-poo went really bad... oil everywhere lol.... but thankfully I've figured out another way to get it going. As far as length retained, I'm not really able to tell since I can only use a direct heat pass 1x a month. I've used it already for this month and the only thing I did was blow dry my hair to put it away in a style I talked about here..... I'll try and check once I take it down.

Body:  This part hasn't been going to good. I hadn't been able to get motivated to workout at all! I played my zumba game for about a week or so but couldn't get all the moves right to keep up so I slowly stopped wanting to play it. That and our living room is just too small for all the moving around you do for the game.....  I finally came to the conclusion that I must join a gym if I am to really get in shape like I want to. Plus working out at home sucks to me. Joining a gym should throw me back into the game. I'm seriously out of shape.....

Acne: I have been nothing short of diligent with this!My face hasn't been breaking out as much and my scars are starting to fade. It's really beginning to show too; When Lewis came home my face was one of the first things he commented on. "Your face looks really good, what have you been doing to it?" It made me feel good to know that I'm already getting good results from what I am doing. Also I love getting compliments from my Love bug :D

Mentally, spiritually, emotionally: Putting forth the effort to work on these things is yielding great results for me. I feel more in touch with myself these days, more than I was a month ago and even more than last year. I've changed my study habits and my test grades are reflecting that, I pray for other people more these days and it makes me feel wonderful... and I try to listen more and talk less to others; it's help me to actually hear everything they are saying verbally and non-verbally.

So far, so (almost) good..... right?

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