Friday, March 1, 2013

My hair, currently.

Remember when I talked about getting a bob? I went ahead and took the plunge and got it installed last weekend. At first I didn't like the length or the amount of hair left out to blend, but with all new things I try I had to let it grow on me. Now I love my hair! Best thing is everyone around me love my hair too (thought it was real!) which puts more confidence in my hair style.....Lewis didn't even recognize me at first glance ::role play anyone?:: 

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I plan to leave the hair in for about 5-6wks. Hopefully it lasts that long without much problem. Now to get my sew-in regimen together! If anybody has in tips on how to take care of your hair while wearing a sew-in PLEASE don't hesitate to comment! Thanks!


  1. ooo the bob is cute! I'm glad you found a sew-in that you like.

  2. It is cute. Glad you liked it. It does take a while to get used to the hair being out but it looks good on you.

  3. Make sure you keep your own hair moisturized underneath. Depending on how the tracks were laid that is if you are able to get to your roots using your fingers moisturize that way if not then get a braid spray or make some yourself in a spray bottle and use that to spray your roots. Don't forget to moisturize the leave out hair as you would normally do. I wash my extensions every two weeks there is a post on my blog on how to wash extensions just click on my name to access the blog. Hope that helps.