Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The random things that I've been doing...... *PIC HEAVY*

Basically all summer I've been doing lots of little random things..... today is a good a day as any to share them!

We are currently putting back all of our $1 bills to build up extra money for a rainy day..... at first we were just sticking them in the change jar but after a while it became a bit of a hassle to do that and we didn't want the money to just be out in the open like that. I had to come up with something..... and this is what I ended up with:


That's and old pickle jar, acrylic paints and flowers from Michael's... oh and some of our dollars :)

The pool was really calling me one HOT ass afternoon so..... I answered it in my 2-piece and a straw hat! 

Downed about 2 dozen of these in a week's span..... I'm an addict :/ AND PROUD.

Cruising thru Target one day looking for a simple lip gloss and ended up with not only that but a eyebrow/eyelash gel and a lipstick that I was unaware of until AFTER I opened it 
(thought it was a lipgloss) but it barely shows up so it's all good!

My baby cakes surprised me and came home early! I was elated to have him home again :)

Listening to him play a lesson on his NEW guitar.

It was time to twist this wig! LAWDAMERCY....

I use Organic Root Stimulator lock and twist gel and a little bit of DAX bees wax

Took those braids out..... they lasted 6wks! 11wks post.

Did a lunch date with one of my friends....

Lewis was patiently waiting on dinner one night..... and wanted to make the table pretty. Love him:D

We went old school the other day and shot a lil dice.... on a shoe box! Ha.... really playing too....

In a nutshell this has been my summer so far.... not all boring days I guess. What about yours?

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