Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Missing you....

I'm missing my younger brother something terrible right now! I was just writing him a letter and this flood of memories came rushing in and by the end of the letter I'm sniffling and tears are rolling non-stop...... He's  incarcerated; been in there for a few years, still got a few years to go..... but it feels like an eternity!! I try my very best to keep my little brother uplifted and encouraged thru my letters, I talk about what I have going on.... what I hear about his friends and just crazy stuff I come across to make him smile.... I am a believer that you have to let the people on the other side of the fence know that THEY ARE NOT FORGOTTEN. I pray for his safety every night and I always say my extra special prayer made just for him :).

One day soon baby brother.... me and you will be together again!!
ya big Sis.

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