Saturday, July 28, 2012

Relaxer update July '12

Relaxed earlier this week after my usual 11-12 week stretch, the only MAJOR difference was that this time I didn't go to a salon..... I tackled it myself! So, here are the results:

As you can tell, my NG didn't get relaxed hardly at all......... there is a bit of a story behind that. Last month my stylist sent out a mass text telling everyone that she had moved out of town, which left me with two options: find another stylist to relax my hair who wants to constantly cut my hair or just figure out how to do it myself. 

Naturally I chose the most cost effective method. :)

SN: Revlon regular lye relaxer was used for this session.

I enlisted the help of my fiance'.... only to quickly realize that, next time that shouldn't be the best idea. HA! He claimed that he had helped put on relaxers many times with his sisters.... but maybe that was a VERY LONG TIME AGO because I don't think he fully grasped the idea of the pace you have to maintain in order to apply and smooth the relaxer throughout the hair. So we weren't able to smooth much of any of my hair after my sweet fiance took his SWEET time applying the relaxer to his part of my hair :/... As you can tell from my not-so-relaxed roots. And yes it looks like this all over my head..... 

I'm not knocking the ladies that texlax their hair...... but I hate this!!! I am able to comb thru my hair
but it's not straight ANYWHERE! Not even my edges :( I look about 3 or 4 wks post.

Nothing I can do to correct it for another 12 wks either.....

On the flip side, I got some good growth! And as you can tell, I DON'T NEED A DAMN TRIM! Lol.... Stylists, smh.

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  1. Your hair looks so silky! And you're right, girl, your ends are NICE. No trim needed