Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding stuff: bridesmaid dresses...... the dress

While we were on our mini vacay to Mississippi a few weeks ago, we figured it would be smart to gather up the bridesmaids and take them to David's bridal to look at styles of dresses. I decided to let them choose the type of dress they would be wearing.... And the above pic is what they alternatively decided on. 

Their first choice was a strapless dress with a very pretty design on the chest area, but the lady who was helping us (or should I say wasn't really) didn't mention that the dress only came in one of my colors. I specifically told her I wanted it to be able to come in both..... I almost had my first bridezilla moment on her! But my calm took over and I ended up discovering this dress. Thank goodness for my high patience level!

What do you think? Cute? I think the dress itself is..... but my BM have all kinds of body shapes, and I ain't knocking my girls at all but, I will say I'm a little iffy on how it looks on each of them....

Is that mean or rude to say/feel?
Lucky for me they are planning to work all that out without me saying a word to them.....

Honesty is the best policy!

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  1. I think the dress is beautiful. I hope it fits well on all your bridesmaids. The blue really is a gorgeous shade!