Monday, July 16, 2012

Things are starting to look up

After searching and applying to many MANY jobs, I finally landed an interview about 2 weeks ago at a place that I was really hoping for! The crazy thing about the interview was it done panel style..... and I've NEVER been interviewed by a panel before.... Needless to say I was thrown off and scared sh*tless the entire time. Lol. I just knew the interview went horribly wrong when I kept doing these long pauses creating awkward silence and repeating the last word in some of my sentences :: like " one of my strengths I would have to say is.... is...... is......."::  Ugh, I just wanted to be shot in the face after that!!!

When they finished the grilling, I got to take a tour around the place where I would "potentially' be working and then they told me that HR would be in touch to let me know if I had gotten the position. Fast forward to last week: When I hadn't heard ANYthing from them in all this time, I just chalked it up  to bombing the interview and began looking for more jobs and but really giving up hope that I would find the job I wanted. I was sitting in bed on Wed morning watching my HGTV when my phone rang.

"May I speak to Brittany?"
-"Tis she...."
"Hi this is ____ from ____. I was calling to let you know that after doing all the interviews for the position, we have decided to make you an offer for it."
- "REALLY??!?!?!?!?"
"Yes ma'am........"

BOOM! I got the job! Even after I just KNEW they were going to throw my resume away based on my panel interview...... I was over the moon about this news! I have nobody to thank but GOD for blessing me with this opportunity..... and I made sure I gave him his honor and praise for it! 

Now if I can just get them to call me back for a start date....... Hopefully they give me another call soon, Lewis and I are scheduled to be out of town Thursday and out of state for the weekend; don't want that to affect my starting date! Whoop! Ready to get started!

When I get more details, I'll be sure and share them with you guys :)