Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Idle Chit chat

Forgive my little absence, school started back this week and I have made it my personal business to make sure I am SHARP this semester. No more slacking for me.... I can't afford to slip further behind.

Here's some of the stuff I've had my hands in lately.........

Since I discovering the state of my ends a few weeks ago, I have been looking all  over the place for little this and that remedies to help me deal with them. I remembered a while back that I had come across a blogger who talked about moisturizing her ends using the "baggy method" and her entire head with the "Greenhouse effect." The baggy method is simply that: you moisturize and seal your ends and then you wrap a baggy, ziploc, sandwhich or grocery, around it which is supposed to contain the moisture and really moisturize the hair. With the greenhouse effect method you are to M&S the enitre head and then you could either use a grocery bag or a shower cap to cover it up. It seems like it would have the same effect as DC-ing with no heat; you would let the heat from scalp do the moisturizing. 

I chose to do the baggy method for my ends, since that's my problem area.

My little knot

A day and a half later, result of bantu knots pulled into a banana clip

I was thoroughly surprised at how moisturized my hair was. It was still damp but that may have been because I sprayed my hair with water before I M&S. When I did the bantu knots a day later my ends were still pretty soft, not dry and stiff like they have been in the past. This method has just found it's way into my regimen!

Not sure if I've ever told you guys but San Antonio's water is extremely hard and disgusting..... that's the main reason why we were drinking bottled water at first but switched over to a filtered water pitcher by Brita exactly like this:                              

 After we switched I never thought twice about it being the same water we showered with until I started to notice how dull my hair look all the time, then I also thought back to how my ends started becoming more and more brittle shortly after I moved here and how that lead up to a haircut. Not to mention how dry my skin was all the time..... needless to say it took me an entire year to figure out that the water has been reeking havoc in my life! So I purchased a filtered shower head by Culligan and let me tell you, this thing is the BUSINESS.

It has a powerful flow and it spits out A LOT of water! With 5 flow settings, I can have 5 types a showers a week lol.....The only thing I don't like about it is I think because it does spray such a large amount of water compared to the shower head that came in the apt, the hot water doesn't last as long anymore....Maybe about 10-15 minutes and then it starts to get cooler. It's a bummer, especially if I need to do a shower/hair wash combo; guess I'll have to choose which one to do first for now until I figure out a better system. Here's how it looks in my shower:

It's been up for about a week, but the very first time I used it I immediately noticed a difference in my skin so I know it's a keeper. I can't wait for Lewis to come home and try it out!

That's really the bulk of what I've been up to lately......

What's been up with you lately? Get your hands on any good projects? Find any good deals? Let's chat!

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