Monday, January 28, 2013

Operation: All Wedding Everything

*This is what I consider a lengthy post! Reader be aware :)

With my wedding date getting closer and closer I am having this urge to want to buckle down on everything concerning it. Checking in more with the wedding planner, discussing details with Lewis, making phone calls, sending emails,making sure my bridesmaids have their dresses ordered/received them, re-trying on my dress (which turned out to be a wake up call that I'll talk about in a sec) checking and re-checking contracts.... the list goes on and on.

Along with all the happenings surrounding the wedding day, I also want to make sure I am in the best shape leading up to it: mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Getting married causes a serious shift in your life...and I want start preparing myself for what is to come.

I decided to create "Operation: All Wedding Everything" to get me in gear for July 20th and beyond; I put "everything wedding" but I really mean from now on. It's simply a series of ideas and events that I plan to put in action to help with my role transitions from girlfriend to wife; student to professional; renter to buyer; and one day soon (but hopefully not before I get out of school) to mommy. For the RIGHT NOW (as in for wedding purposes) I will be mainly focusing on getting my body into shape, retaining most if not all of my hair length and fading the acne scars on my face.

Retaining my hair length: I will be doing a simply regimen of: Pre-poo every 2 wks with some kind of oil, shampoo and conditioning every week and DC with each wash. I will moisturize and seal every 2-3 days and do the baggy method on my ends every 1-2 days. As far as styles, all of that is really depends on mood and upcoming event. Still in the KISS boot camp challenge so no direct heat and no trims!

Getting into shape: I have been putting this off way too much and for far too long. Honestly, I should have BEEN in shape uhm maybe 4 months ago? Last week I was bored and I hadn't seen my dress in a while so I decided to put it on....... I couldn't even zip the thing up!! Can we say sad moment? I took note of the areas that were a problem while in the dress and plan on putting those areas to serious work! I contemplated joining a fitness class but that would become costly so instead I went and bought the Zumba Fitness Rush game for XBOX 360 since the class I wanted to join was Zumba

I played it for the first time today.... My lawd! I almost couldn't keep up with all the moving they were doing lol and that was in a short session with low intensity; I don't even want to imagine what the longer sessions at a higher intensity feel like. But it was super fun so I feel like this will be money well spent. On top of playing the game, I'll be doing push ups and leg exercises. I am aiming to really tone up and lose the little belly I have developed.

Acne scars: I talked about my skin and what all my face went through during my teenage years on here a while back (here is the post if you are interested) at the time I blogged about it I was beginning to suffer from what seemed like a rainstorm of breakouts after having clear skin for almost 2 yrs. My hormones were really trying to balance out after being suppressed while on birth control. Here is my face in the present day:

I've been able to help control the breakouts (a little) but the scars have basically taken over my face once again. I refuse to have my face look anything like this on my wedding day or any longer than I have to so I have formulated a solid regimen for my face that I plan to stick to until the end of time. With the reggie, also I have introduced my face to a tool to help combat stagnant, dead skin.

It's a facial brush similar to the famous Clarisonic but...... just a lot cheaper lol. The brush is designed to help clean your face at least 2x better than using your hands alone. The rotating brush is supposed to break up dirt and gently scrub the dead skin off. I have been using it for about a week and I can already tell a difference in my overall facial appearance; it's more smoother and is starting to even out. 

My face (along with my hair and everything else is my life) needed a consistent routine that I could commit to. I was experimenting too much with products and they turned out to do more damage than good *cough, proactive, cough* 

These are the 3 main things I will be putting most of my energy into physically for O:AWE. 

Mentally, I am preparing myself by comparing how I react to situatuions now to how I need to be proactive in most situations.
Spiritually, I am getting better in my prayer life. Taking the time out to talk with God everyday, day and night and learning to turn my worries and different scenarios over to Him so that He can work them out for me. I am also getting better at accepting what he has in store for me.
Emotionally, I am still learning to check my feelings and attitude toward an issue before or even during a "discussion" with Lewis.... or anybody else for that matter. It's helping me to make a better decisions as to, like some of the older heads may say "when to hold em' and when to fold em" Lol 

This shall be a great journey for me! I already feel like acknowledging all that I should and want to be doing in preparation for my wedding day and beyond is nothing but gain toward my future!

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me"
 -Phil 4:13

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