Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kind of like, whatever.

My love had been away from me for going on 3 wks and I absolutely HATE IT. He's been gone before and I didn't really mind other than sometimes when I would get a bit lonely, but the difference is that then Lewis was on a set schedule; 2 wks on and 1 wk off. So by the time I began to really miss him, he would be on his way home. This time he doesn't know when he will get to come home. It super sucks! I know he's beginning to get frustrated with it all being up in the air because every day he'll say "hopefully they let me know something today" ....... Aaaw, babe! Hang in there :( (me too) 

I digress.....

My school schedule allows me to have a full day off (well really two, but I work on Fridays generally) the way I spent it yesterday was mainly housework and school project stuff. Literally, I only walked out of my house twice both times for food lol. I figured since I would be home all day that I would whip out the shower cap and baggy my hair while I worked.

And you know what? It's still on as I type! Ha! I thought about just leaving it on and wearing my knit cap (noted in photo) to class this evening but I don't want to scratch my head and the person next to me look up like "did I just hear plastic rubbing?" 

Lately you guys, I've low-key had some fierce baby fever. It's not helping that I'm back in this maternal rotation where all I see is baby bumps and infants galore...... Maybe I SHOULD be a little more glad that Lewis isn't home right now....?

I've been on some "whatever" type stuff these past few weeks......At work they have reduced my floor hrs so next month I am only on the schedule a whole 2 DAYS. Anybody else would have a definite problem with only been scheduled two days for the entire month, but I looked at it and was like "oh, well whatever. More time to study or do other stuff." Before the 21-day fast I probably would have concerned..... with my paycheck, but since doing the fast I am learning to not be consumed with things that I really shouldn't be worried about. My focus right now is getting through this class, finishing the semester, finalizing things for the wedding.... Not wondering how I can squeeze in a shift or two during the next pay period to have a good check. I will level with you all, it's hard not to wonder about that but I know that this will definitely help me become a greater person. It's amazing what 21 days of just listening and following what God has to say can do for you!

One step at a time!
It's lunchtime and my computer is going dead (as usual).....  So food is next on the agenda lol 
I got class in a little while and I still need to nap, Zumba and shower before then! 

Toodles :)


  1. Hey it happens to the best of us, the whatevers and the baby fever. Just focus on what you got control of and the rest will sort itself out.

  2. Despite it all, you seem really focused, good on ya!