Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Schools out...... for at least a little bit.

My one and only final was on this past Monday and I am glad about it! Let the winter break begin!! Uhm, I honestly really don't have much planned lol. Will probably get a few more of the big list items of the wedding knocked out while I have this time. School isn't back in session until Jan 22 so that gives me a little over a month to do some damage in wedding planning!

2 of my bridesmaids have bought their dresses ::yeas!:: and the other one will buy hers before the end of the month which will give me a chance to mark that off the list. I'm still not entirely sure if I will have a fourth bridesmaid......... still up in the air. I also need to get my hands on some really good, decently priced photographers cause we really need to take engagement photos soon- like real soon. I do not know what a good price is for a session in our area so I need to do MORE research on it.

I plan to work as much as my job will allow me to show up over the break..... I am only scheduled certain days on my particular floor but the hospital has a staffing office that you can call to pick up shifts that are available. I don't really have a need to work, but I like having my own money! Lewis doesn't mind one bit that I spend his money (and I love you for that baby) but sometimes I feel restricted in what I buy or how much I spend..... for the simple fact that it's still his money and he can question it, track it or restrict it whenever the mood strikes him. That's why I like having my own cash flow...... Independence, a habit that DIES HARD. 

We I have started Christmas shopping for everyone and still only need to buy for a few more on the list and then we will done! Feels good to beat the rush! The only person I need to personally worry about still is Lewis.... What do you get somebody who can buy whatever they want? This is always my dilemma with him. 

Are any of you guys internet shoppers? Well if you are really hardcore (like I can be sometimes when I get in one of those grooves) then you should definitely check out a site called They give you cash back on your internet purchases from the stores that they have listed! Trust me, they have all the stores you can think of... and then some! If you use my link right above and sign up, they throw me a few coins so uh, don't be shy :) I love this website...... I never knew I could get paid to shop! Finally!

Guess I'm chilling for the rest of the evening....... Hope you guys have a great one!

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