Friday, December 28, 2012

Let me show you what I've been up to

I am a member over at the hair site KISS and I recently signed up for the KISS boot camp challenge for 2o13 (here is the link) in which the main rules are that you can not use direct heat and you wear your hair in protective styles. Seeing as my roots have been severely unruly lately, I entertained the idea of making a wig cap to wear.....This was my very first time attempting the task so you can believe this was a very interesting experience LOL. I wanted curly hair so I found some curly tracks I had bought for a sew in a long time ago in my closet, and then went and bought another pack to make the wig full.


Because this was my first time, I watched maybe a dozen videos about what to use and how to lay the tracks. One video suggested that if you use track glue (which I did) that you should place a shower cap under the wig cap so that it doesn't stick to your hair or the mannequin head, so I went that route.

I ended up laying the tracks in a U-shape starting from the bottom of the cap all the way up to the crown then I laid them straight across for the remainder of the cap until.... I ran out of hair. I proceeded to let the tracks dry overnight before I put it on my head. Well the next day I tried to put the cap on and it wouldn't fit. AT ALL. I didn't know what I did wrong until I realized that I had placed it on the mannequin head and it fit-perfectly. The wig molded to that head and dried and was now too small to fit on head with my hair under it! I was beginning to get frustrated so for 2 days I didn't touch it, and then I braided my hair back into two braids and tried it again.... it ended up looking like this:
::Can you tell where I ran out of hair? lol::
It was still too small, but I was determined to where it some-damn-where so I simply covered the front with a headband

Voila! It seemed to work that day, but when I wore it to work a day or so later the cap kept riding up and threatening to fall off; even with bobby pins securing it down :( I thought that I could cut the little section that didn't have hair on it and just do a quick straw set on the front section of my hair, but after I cut the dern thing it definitely wouldn't stay on my head anymore:
I don't  like to give up on things but this wig has given me the blues too much too soon, it is safe to say that this was a FAIL for me. I'm not going to throw it away though, probably need to just look at with fresh eyes........ like maybe a month from now lol until then I will just place it in the closet out of sight. I had high hopes for it too.... maybe too high for a novice ;)

Welp, that was my first wig experience! Hope you enjoyed the walk-thru process, if you have ANY tips on how to make this wig better or tips for a future wig please do not hesitate to comment or even shoot me an email to

Until next time!




  1. Good for you for even trying. I need to try something else new but I'm just getting on to the faux buns lol so I'm late.

    1. I had started doing rollersets alot but the actual rolling is so time consuming that I often get discouraged from doing them lol I need to do something though, this boot camp is going to be challenging for me!

  2. I think you did a good job, Bee! Have you thought about sewing wig clips to the front and back? I make my own wigs too and the ones I make on the styrofoam head (versus putting them on my own head) never seem to fit correctly, so I sew wig clips in. I got a bunch of them for really cheap on etsy so I don't see myself running out anytime soon.

    I'm a part of the KISS challenge too, so I hope we can help encourage each other =) I need all the help I can get lol

    1. Thank you! I bought some wig clips but I have not figured out how to sew them on yet...crazy clips lol And you are a member of the challenge! Great, we can definitely encourage each other! I need to get back disciplined...I used to be so diligent when I started but I have long since slacked off! Good luck to you :)