Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday love

I hope everybody had a great Christmas holiday and got/gave some good gifts! I think Lewis and I gave each other a pretty surprising Christmas this year :) I ended up getting him some lounge clothes, a guitar case that he needed and a laptop set (I'm on it right now as I type!) He got me a XBOX 360 with a Kinect (which I have been secretly lusting over for about a month lol) and this really pretty pendant necklace that I have been wearing everyday since I opened it!



Shine bright like a diamond

 Lewis and I spent the holiday here in San Antonio this year. I could tell that he seemed a bit home sick after he talked to his mom and sister though. I knew the feeling he had;  all my family lives 5 states away and when they first moved I really felt it around the holidays.... I empathized with him but I am not entirely thrilled with spending every holiday traveling back to East TX when I don't really want I hope he doesn't decide to want to do that.

We ended up opening gifts on Christmas Eve because, well, we were bored and neither one of us could hold out any longer on what we got one another. Plus, we don't have any kids so I was like "why wait?" It turned out great and will probably be our tradition from now on. I just love how we are starting our own traditions :)

I had to work the day after Christmas, but I am off until New Year's Eve! Much needed..... Time to lounge :)


  1. Your necklace is so beauutiful. Kudos to Lewis for getting it for you! lol Enjoy the rest of your break, Bee.

    1. Thanks Marie and Lewis says thank you too! I hope you have a great New Years!

  2. Hey girlie! It sounds like you had a great Christmas! It's also cool that you were able to start your own tradition :) And your pendant necklace is beautiful!