Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review: hits, misses

Today is the last day of the year, crazy to say. I just feel like the years just keep flying by me....... Anyways I wanted to sum up my year with some highlights and low-lights


  • Being a bit more assertive. I've always been a reserved type person who didn't like confrontation so I would find myself bending to what the person wanted just to avoid it. This year, I believe I've been pretty good at getting my point across and really standing my ground; especially in a disagreement.
  • Getting more in touch with my feminine side. I am and will forever be a tomboy at heart lol although I have long put away (most) of my boyish ways... BUT I have tapped into my more girlier side this year. No I haven't dabbled in make up, I don't care to either, but I have this growing interest in keeping my face and lips smooth,  tinted lip glosses, dressy tops and skirts and dresses..... I've shocked even myself with my thoughts, and Lewis enjoys seeing my all dolled up too!
  • Saving $$ for the wedding.  We had a rough start with this one, but I think that it ended up being a very profitable idea to challenge Lewis so a money saving game.... we have most of the money saved for the wedding which means that we won't be stressing ourselves in the upcoming months.


  • Reaching APL.  I had a stylist who wanted to give me a trim every time she saw me and actually even just went ahead and gave ya girl a hair cut which put me back at top of shoulder length earlier this year so I've been trying to come back from that...... I just knew I was reaching this goal. As of last month, I am really close though!!
  • Gaining more followers (here on the blog).  I am at a true loss on how to attract new followers..... I thought about doing a few things but I do believe I could have done more than I actually did, mainly posting often. Next year I plan to post ALOT, so get ready.

These are the few things that I kept track of all year, thankfully more hits than misses! Next year I will have plenty of things brewing I feel like 2013 is dedicated to me.... Just wait and see :)

I hope all of you guys had a great year, and for the things that you wanted to accomplish and didn't I pray that you get the chance to do those things here in the new year!
 Be blessed!

BYE BYE 2012.............

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  1. Its great that you had a good year Bee. I'm excited to read your upcoming wedding updates! Have a Happy New Year <3