Thursday, November 1, 2012

Idle Chit Chat

I may be little bit behind in hair care world but have you all heard of Mineral Rich energy drink? I was catching up with a friend over the weekend and we got onto the subject of hair. She began to tell me about this drink that her beautician told her about that was helping one of the clients grow her hair out..... The first thing that popped up in MY mind was " A drink? Hair care products are getting out of control now" My friend didn't know too much about the product, she just said told me I could look it up on So I did.

When I first read the description all I saw was that it was an energy drink that was full of B-12 and several other vitamins and trace minerals. Nothing special to me at first glance. So I took it a step further and youtube-d it. So far I've only found 2 different ladies who are talking about this stuff. The first lady I saw said that she had been drinking the stuff for years to help give her some extra energy and one of the side effects was that she noticed her hair was growing.... alot. The other lady I saw on YT actually watched the first lady's video, decided to try it for herself and apparently has gotten good results from it. 


My curiosity is piqued.

You guys don't really know this about me but when I'm curious about something, I usually try my luck with it in some shape, form or fashion...... really just to gain my own personal experience with it. This is looking like something I want to try, just to see if it will have any effect on my hair. I mean this drink is full of vitamins and minerals that the body needs and uses, how could it not affect my hair? Now if it doesn't, then I can still reap the benefits of having great energy ::seeing as it is an "energy drink" and all:: 

 My question is: Have ya'll heard of this? I saw a thread over on LHCF about this too.... fairly new.

My friend and I are actually going to try it together; we are set to order it this weekend..... let's see how this goes! Once it comes in the mail I will make sure and keep you guys posted if you are interested :)

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  1. Never heard of it. Let me know if it works, seems too good/easy to be true but I am a for real skeptic.