Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mind Right Monday

Hey peeps! I know I'm a day late on the MRM but it's mainly because I had to work yesterday and by the time I got off I was tired and still needed to study. At any rate:

Here are a few goals I want to get achieved this week:

  • Ace my teaching project on Tuesday   We can actually check that off cause I did this afternoon!
  • Study really hard for my exam this week
  • Guzzle water like I'm dehydrated
  • Clean the house
  • Exercise at least 2x this week
  • Date night with my love
  • Life, health and strength
  • Being in my right mind 
  • Lewis and his concern for my success
  • My "don't give a fudge" attitude toward my current class <---- this attitude is well needed right now! Not with my grade of course but with the subject matter and the instructor (at times) I'm so over this class.
  • Sturdy support system
  • Decorative couch pillows.... for my back when I'm couching and surfing the web
My plan WAS to go to a library or something and study but while I was in Chik-fil-la's drive-thru earlier my jeep decided to vomit and die right before I could pull up to pay and receive my food! Later I was told that it prolly overheated. Not only was I mad cause it happened, but I was embarrassed cause I was holding up a very long line and I had no way of starting my car and moving it out of the way. A customer in a car behind me and some employees had to push my car through......stopped me to pick up my food.........and then finish pushing me into an empty parking spot. 

I felt this . big 
It's been a very long time since I actually felt the emotion of embarrassment.
I laugh now, but I cried earlier...... 

So we'll see if I have transpo tomorrow; just pray it's not expensive.

Other than that...... I'm hoping to have a really great week!! How about you? Got any goals for the week? Are you grateful for anything you want to share?

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