Wednesday, October 31, 2012

School.... so far.

Last week was my first week of maternity health AKA pregnant women 101..... and I feel completely out of my element! I'm not even going to play games with you guys, the night before class ( like most students) I'm trying to figure out where I'm sposed to get my information about breastfeeding for a worksheet that was due and all the rest of the fifty-leven pages that were due right? Well I just began to get so frustrated and overwhelmed with all the information that I just broke down in tears! It's totally brand new information that I can't relate to..... So I feel like I basically have to submerge myself in this class in order to be successful. Great. It doesn't help that my clinical instructor is obsessed with this subject so she's can be overbearing at times with the information and highly defensive (because of encounters with previous students). So essentially I got my work cut out for me this flex.

 Lucky for me though, this is the only class I have to deal with so I guess that is something to smile about. Kinda. Lol  This week I was on a mother/baby unit (post delivery) and I got to see all the tiny babies wrapped up like little burritos..... it was so heart swelling! I love the little "coo" noises they make, and when they got all fussy during the assessment I just wanted to wrap them back up and leave them alone. I'm such a little punk hahahaha....... This class may end up being more rewarding than I thought.


  1. I'm sure you'll love the class. Just take a deep breath and remember you can handle it.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Southern Girl :)