Monday, October 29, 2012

Mind Right Monday

It's the beginning of the week and you should know by now (partly because I'm being so repetitious) that it's time again to shout out your goals and what you are grateful for this week!!! So without further adieu:

  • Study for class at least 45-1hr every other day
  • Start clinical project
  • Find 5 good photographers for engagement pictures and get pricing
  • Begin Christmas lists
  • Hydrate..... Cause I just love water :)
  • Life, health, strength (always grateful for this!!)
  • Lewis (even though we take each other through it sometimes lol)
  • Church family
  • Strong will and determination
  • My love of food.... and the experimental mind to make it
  • Those scrumptious little sugar cookies with the sprinkles on them from Walmart's bakery

Your turn! Got any goals this week? What about what you are grateful for? Let's be encouraging to each other........ I hope you all have an awesome week :)

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