Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hair news: Relaxer update

This post is about a week overdue cause I actually relaxed my hair last week, but I wanted to get this up and tell you guys all about my plan......

I relaxed my hair at 12 wks post and I had never been so happy to see my hair straight (or straighter, I should say). I decided to give self relaxing another go (with NO help from Lewis this time lol) and do someones half and half method I saw on youtube.... IMO it worked but it didn't work, catch my drift? Lol Basically the half and half method was almost what I need to do to self relax, I just need to tweak it to my own liking. For instance I did it where you part ear to ear and relax the top or back first and then do the opposite. Well I don't own a shower hose to wash my hair, I just use the faucet in the tub so trying to figure out which end to do first was a challenge! Then after I decided on the back, the only way I could do it without getting the front of my head wet was to turn on the shower and do it that way...... so by the end of the morning I had basically taken 3 showers relaxing my hair smh. Next time I think I'll part my hair straight down the middle and attempt it that way, seems more faucet friendly.

The only other problem I ran into with my hair, and this one is the most frustrating at the moment, is that my new growth is seeming very resistant to the relaxer! I was not able (once again)  to get my hair to straighten out-really at all. I mean it stretched out, but that's about it. Literally none of my new growth got straight, not even my edges! So I am again left with texlaxed hair   severely underproccessed hair. It would be all good if that's what I was aiming for, but it isn't. I don't know what to do at the moment..... maybe I should stop trying to do my own hair...... or maybe I'm not working it through enough? Idk.

Although I had my issues with the relaxing process, my hair turned out pretty good!

I do have a thin spot in the middle back (if you can't tell I just pointed it out for ya) that I will address in separate post..... Check my length out though! Excited. I think I could use a little dusting.... but I'll wait until I research the self trim some more.

Welp, thanks for reading and checking my pics out..... if you have ANY tips on self relaxing, self trimming/dusting or anything else please share with me! I refuse to go back to a stylist if I don't have to!


  1. What kind of relaxer are you using? Your hair may just not be responding to it like it needs to in order to get fully straight.

    Your hair looks lovely!

    1. Thank you Shika!! And you may be right, I am using Nairobi sensitive scalp relaxer.... I didn't notice it until now but I prolly shouldn't be using the sensitive scalp formula, it doesn't seem strong enough for my course hair. Thanks for responding :)