Monday, October 22, 2012

Mind Right Monday

Chello there! You know what time it is so I'll spare you the introductions today:

Jumping right in......

  • Start and complete all of my required paperwork for the first day of clinical
  • Begin reading some of the units that will be covered in class this week
  • HYDRATE! <--Just love throwing this one in :)
  • Workout at least 2x 
  • Begin design for "save the date" cards
  • Coerce Lewis into going a date to a scary place

What I'm grateful for:
  • Life, health, strength
  • Lewis
  • Great church family
  • Swiffer wet jets! (they "Give me just a little more time"..... HAHAHAHAHAHAAA)
  • My style sense kicking in (cause our place needs a new look)
  • My water filter..... makes water and koolaid just taste SO.DAMN.GOOD.

Your turn!! Got any goals this week? What about what you are grateful for? I would love to know!!


  1. I think when I self relaxed I had to consistently go over the recommended time if I wanted my hair to be straight. My hair is course and thick when it grows in. I can feel the heat but usually I'm not burning at all. If I take it off at the preset time it's almost not worth putting it on at all.

    1. Thanks for responding SG! I think it may be the strength of the relaxer. I bought sensitive scalp formula and I think it isn't strong enough for my course strands......Ugh.