Thursday, October 18, 2012

Schools OUT

Well.... at least for the rest of the week! I took my last final yesterday morning and I did my thing on it, said my have-a-good-weekends to my classmates then bolted for my car at 9:25 a.m! I was sooooo glad to be done with my classes..... you guys know (somewhat) how I've felt about this flex so there is no need to get into detail about it lol. I am proud to say that even though final grades have not been posted, I am confident that I made B's in all of my classes! I know to the scholarly student that's pish-posh but to a strong C nursing student (like myself!) that is a milestone! I'm ready to pop bottles damn near lol....... I kid, I kid. But I am very deserving of these grades; I worked hard this flex!

Since I've been out of school since basically this time yesterday, I've had an array of things I want to do/get done while I have this bit of time on my hands. There is re-organizing the wedding planning, finish cleaning the house (did most of it yesterday after I got home), I thinking about rearranging the bedroom, doing a little craft project (or 2), and running some errands. I really only have today because tomorrow I go to work and Saturday I will be tied up most of the morning and some of the afternoon at a women's conference.... 

So the question is: Why the hell am I still in bed? 

Seriously you guys, I've only gotten up like twice: once to pee and the other time was to warm some breakfast up and grab my laptop....then it was right back in the bed for me! I feel like lounging all day, but I can't! Ugh. On the bright side though at least I don't have to study for an exam or do a project; I should embrace this little time I have lol

Looks like I'm about to get my day started...... I feel bad about being in bed now that I've just told the world wide web my list of to-dos and I haven't made a move yet lol

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