Monday, October 15, 2012

Idle chit chat

Have you ever been so tired of studying that at one point you think you are studying, but really you were just staring blindly at the pages? Like your mind turns off and literally will not absorb anymore information....... That's what I'm currently dealing with for one of my final exams. Seriously, my brain said "girl, we are at capacity with that ish!!" There is nothing more I can study for this class so I officially gave up as of 12:05 this afternoon lol. My final is tomorrow at 1 so maybe I'll get up early then and give it one more try....

I have no idea where to begin (again) with the wedding planning! When I stopped I was contemplating designs for save the date cards/ engagement pics...... Down to 8months on Friday and

Why is it that whenever it's a few days before you get a relaxer that your scalp decides it wants to act ultra sensitive and give you a bad case of the itchies???!?!?!? I have been "patting" and rubbing like a mad woman all day cause my scalp feels like something is crawling on it!! Is that subconscious?

I'm thinking of doing "Idle chit chat" posts on the regular just to get some conversation flowing, what do you think? I love feedback so post your idle chat thoughts down in the comment section!!


  1. Try some moisturizer or oils for the scalp itch. It won't stop it completely but it may give you some temporary relief in the mean time. And it won't hurt to be nice and oiled before the relaxer anyway.

    1. Thanks Southern Girl! Two birds with one stone!