Saturday, September 1, 2012

I know what I don't want to be like when I grow up.....

Have you ever had the feeling that you might be getting manipulated because you're the "new guy?" That's how I felt at work yesterday. It was only by one person though, and she irritated the FIRE out of me. A nurse kept trying to make me tend to her patients exclusively all shift yesterday but I worked with her and 3 other nurses and their patients too......and that was nearly impossible for me to do, so you can imagine how the day went *cough* shitty! *cough* SN: I'm a nurses assistant so I deal with most, if not all of a patients care needs (except medications and things an RN is licensed to do) for a nurse. The issue I kept having with one nurse was that I felt like she expected me to make all of her patients a priority just because. One time she literally told me "that other nurses patient can wait, my patient needs your attention NOW" while I was in the middle of doing something else!!! SMH. She kept riding my back about doing different things and acting impatient if I couldn't handle it right when she wanted me to. During the day I even had to stop what I was doing completely and go attend to her patient because she decided to get a lil loud with me. I ONLY did it because I felt my blood boiling and I didn't want to lose my professionalism by getting rowdy with that lazy ass bi-.... Oops, my bad. Did I call her lazy out loud? Welp, it's already out now.......

Yes this was an extremely lazy nurse! She wanted me to do EVERYTHING for her patients. Hell, if I could pass their medications she would've prolly been making me do that too. She sat behind the desk most of the day blowing my phone up about one thing or another; but always threw in that she was always "too busy" to help in any shape, form, or fashion! I had 3 other nurses to answer to and they were 10x more helpful than she was! Me and her actually ended up having words because I just couldn't take it anymore. I felt bullied, and I've never ever had that feeling. I also notified the charge nurse about how she was behaving; I'm assuming she said something to her cause she stop blowing my phone up. I vented to Lewis last night and I told him that I NEVER WANTED TO BE A NURSE LIKE THAT. She has terrible work ethic! From what I hear she's a really nice person..... But my impression of her is already made, she's to prove otherwise to me. Then again, I'll just try not to encounter her anymore. I digress.

Rant over.

Have you ever felt like somebody was trying to hit you with "the okie doke" just because you were new? How did you deal with it?

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