Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hair update

I'm 5 wks post as of yesterday..... At this point I feel like my stretch is dragging along, but I always feel that way around this time. Since my last relaxer left me under processed EVERYWHERE my new growth is extra, ultra, thick and full. Don't know how I feel about that right now cause it makes it really hard to do any type of styles with out putting heat on my hair. Not really trying to use heat like that either.

Really at a loss as to what I should do with my hair at this point.... I'm over using buns and clipping my hair up all the time but it's making me look super boring and plain! I plan to wash tomorrow after school and regroup to gather more hair styles for my hairs current state.

Have I mentioned that I'm frustrated with my hair? Yep, last week I was tempted to relax it ::at 4 wks eeek!:: just because it's giving me so much grief..... *SIGH* I digress.

Someone save me from my hair......


  1. Are you putting anything just on your new growth specifically to help it lay down? Have you thought about doing braid or twists outs? Those work for me when my new growth is waving at me.

  2. I just use the basic stuff like water and s-curl on my new growth and ends... Lately where I live it has been extremely humid so braid outs and twist outs don't last longer than 15 min! So I gave up on them for now, at least until it gets cooler. Thanks for the comment!

  3. What about using a wig or putting in a weave? That would give your hair a 4 week break without manipulation?