Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Randomness....and updates.

This flex in nursing school I'm taking mental health theory and clinical. I'm not really interested in going into the field but it is interesting to read  about all the different types of mental illness that are out there..... and even cooler to actually see it in real life. But I swear by the end of this class, I will have diagnosed myself and everybody around me!! Have you ever read about something and think to yaself "OMGoodness, that is SO me" or had a feeling that somebody you know matched the sign and symptoms to a "T"? Lol...... man, this class is going to be very informative.....

I got 2, wait scratch that, 3 exams lined up for this week so I've been a nervous lately. Not really sure how to study since it's the first exam, don't know what to expect in the questions..... especially pharmacology. All that class is is drugs, drugs, their class, adverse effects and more drugs! I've been studying most of the day for that one. Pray for me!

Really been preoccupied with school lately so in an attempted to not deal with my hair last week I ended up doing my entire head in straw curls...*Will do a separate post on this*.... they lasted exactly a week until I got tired of looking at them; just washed my hair last night. Dreading that I have to wake up and figure out what to to with it every morning. I'm sure I'll find something. Currently 8 wks post... but looking more like 12 because of the under processed hair.

The wedding planning is basically at a stand still for now until I get my school work more under control and balanced with my home life. I got the call that my dress came in yesterday so I'm super excited to pick it uuuuuupppppp!! Ugh, I can't wait to lay eyes on it and try it on again :) Prolly do that later this week after all my test are through and Lewis leaves for work, can't have him eye-spying on it..... yea, he can be nosy like that. We are still really just saving the funds ::and still playing the savings game:: for the whole sha-bang and will prolly start purchasing things come the beginning of the year.

 Next on our planning list is catering, reception hall, and engagement pictures....... 9 months to go!

Since my incident with that coworker at my job, I have been a bit leery about being put with her patients cause I don't want to go through what I went through the first time-again. But so far, so good. We did have to work together again but thankfully I was on the opposite unit. It's only a matter of time before we cross paths again though and I hope it goes better. I ain't no killer but don't push me..... Other than, my job has been plenty pleasant. Just trying to manage my time the best I can, I can't be everywhere at once.

That pretty much sums up what I've been up to lately...... What about you? Whatcha been up to?

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