Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My hair..... semi-currently.

So remember when I posted a few weeks ago that I was uber frustrated with my hair? ::If you don't it's okay, here's the link:: Well a few days later on a whim I decided to quit whining and do something about it......  STRAW CURLS.

Right after I took them out......

After about 3 days, I started to separate them. 

Although you can blatantly see my new growth courtesy of the flash on my phone and they don't look the best/professionally done, I think this hairstyle did a good job of giving my hair a fresh look. It was a much needed changed from the everyday bun/clip routine I had fallen into. All I used was a cap full of setting lotion (that blue liquid in a spray bottle full of water) Smooth Shine Polishing foam mousse (got mine from Family Dollar store for $2.75), drinking straws and bobby pins. This hair style lasted me a week; from Labor Day until this past Monday. The only reason why I took it down was because I had separated the front so much that they were starting to lose definition, other wise they would still be up.

Currently 7wks post now..... Got 5 more wks and I will be relaxing. I may have to revisit this style in the future.

What ya think? Did I do a good job? Have any tips or suggestions for other hair styles or how I could make this one last longer? COMMENT!


  1. ooooo the curls look so cute! How you do have the patience to put in all those straws?? lol I can see that they're a great low manipulation style, though. Good luck with the rest of your relaxer stretch!

  2. I love the definition of the curls, and it looks so shiny. Would love to see some of the styles that you did - that's where I would struggle on my own hair, but it has given me food for thought.