Friday, September 14, 2012

Washing the week off.

Oh my goodness the week I've had went down the drain with my soap as I took a shower earlier tonight! ::in a mental sense, of course.:: This past week has mentally drained me.... 3 exams, paperwork to turn in unnecessary I might add! and the finish off the week good ole fashion high stress environment workflow. Thankfully the rest of my weekend for the most part is brain-cell free. I have to go to an AA meeting for school.... and then write a paper about it. Boo. But I do have a lunch date with a friend, and I plan on getting my toes done, then I setup a Mary Kay facial..... plus SHOPPING! Always a mood brightener. Yep, a pretty low-key weekend.

Oh. GREAT NEWS: My wedding dress came in!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried it on, and it wouldn't zip all the way up....... What? Aaw hells nah.

Shit just got real.

Time to tone it up......


  1. Aww sorry about your week and your dress but I'm sure you'll be fabulous before the wedding.

    1. Thanks girl! I have never been so glad a week was over in my life!! Lol but I guess it comes with the territory. And yea, the dress mostly zipped up but it wouldn't close when before it would...... that just tells me I need to whip it back into shape!!