Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrating early

**Written Feb. 12**

So I told you that Lewis came home last week right? Well he has to go right back out of town Tuesday......

On friggin' VALENTINE'S DAY!!
::mad face::

Technically he'll be home all that day, but I have an exam and then I have work AND I'm trying to get to that interview at the hospital that day....needless to say I'll be really busy and prolly won't get home until after 5pm or so...... Lewis is working the night shift this go round and he has to report to work by 7pm.....So that leaves no time for celebrating the day or even really seeing each other :(

I suggested that we just have our Valentine's day early, so Saturday we celebrated the day for Lovers! I wasn't all the way sure about what I should get him since he is one of those people who can buy WHATEVER the want when they want it... so I decided to cater to his complaints ::which are always his back and his feet hurt:: and got him a gift certificate for a men's spa package. He gets some foot treatment, a full body brush scrub and a 30 minute full body massage ::bonus cause when I do it, it only lasts about 7 minutes.... tops lol::  He seemed really excited about it so I guess I did a good job!

Guess what my baby got me????? No really, guess! Okay, since you won't I'll tell ya......

A KINDLE FIRE!!!!!!!! Yeps, I came home from school Thursday and it was sitting on the bed....I almost fell out! Lol. This thing is the bomb.com okay? Not only can you read books, but it basically does everything an ipad or a tablet would do ::except take pics, but that's more than fine with me::. That means I can surf the web, watch movies or tv shows, play games and if nothing else.... read books! I had said something about wanting one earlier in the week since I hadn't found a library here in S.A yet and I highly doubted if they had the type of books I wanted to read. I knew with a Kindle, I could download any book I wanted.... I just didn't know I would have it so soon! Awh, my Honeybun does listen :) I flippin love that thing, and Lewis loves that I love it. Thanks baby!

On Saturday we ended up having a nice breakfast and after I studied for a little while, we found this family fun park place called Green Acres Golf and Games. They had all kinds of stuff to do out there: an arcade, 2 miniature golf courses, bumper boats, batting cage, and go-karts. The wind chill made it crispy cold outside despite it being a very pretty day so we just played a round a golf ::which I almost sucked at::  and raced on the go-kart track....I was beating his butt until this little girl came outta nowhere and made a 3 kart pile up in which I was a part of! It was too much fun! We decided to go see Safe House after that and then headed to the house with some take out food ....... An excellent day if you ask me! I wish I could've trusted somebody with my camera at that place so we could get some pics though, I really wanted to show how much fun we had... Next time tho!

I love being a big kidd and I'm glad that Lewis wanted to be one with me yesterday.... it made for such a cute day out with My Love! Hopefully we can do more stuff like that whenever he's home...

Here are some pics of the Kindle:

Me on our Valentine's day and Lewis being silly at putt-putt:


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