Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Exam blues

I just got through taking my test a few minutes ago....... All of our exam are the computerized kind that give you your grade as soon as you submit it....... I was VERY nervous today submitting mine.

I didn't pass.
I just wanted to pick up the computer and slam it on the ground when I seen my grade. I wanted to burst out in tears.... hell, I still kinda want to. It's the lowest grade I've made on an exam since starting the program. I feel awful about my grade! I'm not going to pretend that I knew all the material cause in all honesty, I didn't. I really couldve used a few more days of studying and then I wouldve felt more prepared. I was not prepared for the type of questions they asked on that test. *SIGH* There is nothing to do now but wait and see if they throw out any questions that could potentially give me points....... and get ready for the last exam before finals (which is in 2wks)

I can't mope about this. I gotta just dust myself off and make sure I compensate for that grade by making a really high grade on the next exam.......

I will remain OPTIMISTIC!!
Guess I'll go back to class..... I think it just started.

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