Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hair: Relaxed

After 11 wks I decided that it was time for me to get a relaxer... I told you all that my scalp had been very itchy for the past few weeks and the day before my relaxer that itch beefed up on me!! Why does it always happen like that when you are about to get a relaxer?? Like your scalp just knows it's almost time.... ugh. I felt like my hair had been feeling hard....I think it has A LOT to do with the amount of lime in the water out here where I am.... my hair isn't used to it yet, I need to find another alternative to water I use too..... If anybody can help me out with that situation that was be AWESOME. Back to my relaxer: I went back to the stylist that washed and styled a few weeks ago and I think she did a good job on my hair..... She said I could really use a trim and you know what I said?

Give me a thorough one.

And she did. Cut off a little more than an inch all over. I know you are prolly thinking "Why? Your hair doesn't look bad at all!!" Well, I felt like my hair hadn't been retaining length since I moved and I've noticed that it was shedding/breaking off more than usual too.... I think it was because of my ends :( I admit, I haven't been taking care of them like I should and this is the consequence that I suffered because of it! She cut it and now it sits right on top of my shoulders. What I like about it is that it's bouncy and thick and it's my first blunt cut! I just knew Lewis was going to be upset cause he noticed it right away, but he was cool.... just asked me not to cut it anymore cause then his hair would be longer than mine Lol (he has dreads) but he likes it a lot though.

Here are some head shots:


 I think this cut is my chance to start over with my ends and really start retaining length. I still want to be APL by the summertime and BSL by the end of the year.... you think I can make it?

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  1. Your hair look really good. Your end are awesome too!!...I wish you the very best on reaching your goals=)