Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kreativ Blog award

Guess what? I got my first blogger award!!!! I am soooo excited about this opportunity, you just don't know!! It's called "The Kreativ blog award" and you receive by another blogger that you feel has something special or creative about their blog. I want to thank SpecialK over at for choosing me! It makes me feel good to know that somebody things my lil ole blog is cool :) Go check her out, she's got some good stuff about hair care over there!

The Conditions for Accepting the Award are:
            Link back to the person who gave you this award
          Answer the questions below
    Award 10 other blogs and let them know in a comment or email
          Share 7 random thoughts about yourself
    1. Name your favorite song: Uhm, my favorite song at the moment has to be Ambitious Girl by Wale..... I get ready for the day to that song every morning!

    2. Favorite dessert: Vanilla ice cream.

    3. What ticks me off: When people try to "casually" cut in line at a store.. Excuse me? You don't see me standing here? Respect the line rules people!

    4.  When I'm upset I: depends on what the situation is. It can range from blowing it off to the silent treatment until I calm down...... Most of the time it's trying to figure it out so I can get past it though.

    5. What is your favorite pet: Puppies! I love dogs, but puppies are my favorite... they are soo cute and playful! Until they chew something up or pee/poop on the carpet then it's "UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!! Fml." lol

    6. Black or white: Can you rephrase the question please? I'm more of a colorful person though.....

    7. Biggest fear: Besides God, flying roaches and mice..... we just don't mix.

    8. Everyday attitude: Sun shiny and bright! I'm always the smile somebody needed to see :)

    9.  What is perfection: I think perfection is the ability to see something as imperfect; basically as it already is.

    10. Guilty pleasures: Anything gummy: gummy bears, sour gummy snakes, fruit roll-ups, gushers, fruit by the foot! I'm a big kid :)

    Seven random things about me:
    • I'm left-handed
    • I have little boy fingernails.....they aren't oval like regular girls :-/ don't know how I feel about that
    • I want 4 babies.... maybe more O_o
    • I'm very observant
    • At first meeting, I come off as an extremely quiet person
    • I love to laugh!
    • I have a high tolerance for ignorance

    The only thing I won't do in the rules of the reward is award 10 other blogs.... I don't follow that many as of now and most of them have been blogging of over a year so I know they have already gotten the reward at one time or another...... so, maybe next time?

    Thanks again to SpecialK for giving me my first blog tag!

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    1. My pleasure Bee...I really enjoyed reading your more about you.I got a few laughs out of it as well lol. BTW I'm left handed too, wow four babies you go right ahead girlie=)