Friday, January 6, 2012

My love

Is gone for the next 2 weeks :'(

For those that don't know, Lewis is an oilfield mechanic at a company here in San Antonio. He works on the diesel trucks out there and the equipment they use to do their job. He got picked to go out on location to supervise the equipment for 2wks somewhere near Mexico. Lewis doesn't know whether this is just a one-time deal, going to happen periodically or if this becomes his regular schedule....we'll find out when he comes back.

I miss him already :-/
He didn't really want to go, but he knows that the extra money can go towards paying off his apt in Tyler faster, as well as other things. And we need to be saving for the wedding..... so, it's for the better.

I hope he stays safe while he's out there.... the drug war out in and near Mexico is worse than ever.
But my boo PACKS HEAT (doyahearme?)..... he'll be fine :)
Praying for his safety!!

Update on my friend from yesterday:
She told me her bf claimed he was elected "wingman" by his buddy and had to play along in order for the friend to get in good with a girl...... and he didn't say anything cause he didn't want it to look suspicious. 

I personally don't believe that horse ish..... but I told my friend to stay on top of that situation.... SMDH.
To each his own.

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