Thursday, January 5, 2012

What would you do if this was you?

The other night (Tues) my homegurl calls me up clearly upset and crying. The first thing my mind said was "man problems" and I was more than right.

 She told me that she just happen to be going through her BF text messages in his phone and a strange message stuck out to her...... so she investigated. ::trouble:: Turns out her BF has been going back and forth with another female for a while. They've gone on dates and he has been secretly meeting up with the chick when he is supposedly "out in the country." She was torn up about it because they have a child and live together...."How he going take out some chick, and he never takes me out ANYWHERE?"

At the time she didn't know how to confront him without him knowing that she went through his phone..... cause that can easily be flipped back on her for invading his privacy....... 

BUT YO, THAT'S CHEATING. And in my eyes it don't matter HOW the information was obtained, if I caught you and I can PROVE IT, then you've been got!

She ended up saying she would call me back before we could make a plan that night, so I didn't know what she ended up doing..... until she called me this morning. Said she talked to him and was like "please let me know if you are talking and seeing other people, instead of doing it behind my back" and he hit her with the "I don't know what you talking about, I'm not talking to nobody" bullish....typical. She thought that he would stop communicating with this female after their conversation BUT NOPE he texting making plans to take her out on the weekend! My friend was like "I'm heated cause he sat and lied in my face and then is STILL talking to this girl. I want to confront his ass today" Then she asked for my advice..... SO YOU KNOW WHAT I SAID....

But before you do, I got a few suggestions...... *RUBS HANDS TOGETHER*

I told her she should play it real cool and keep checking his phone. Forward all of the messages to her phone for some hardcore evidence. If he is supposed to take the girl out this weekend, find out where they are planning to go and MEET THEM THERE. Pop up, and scary the hell outta him. That way dude is so caught, he won't be able to form a lie.

::Dang, I've always wanted the opportunity to do something like that! Catch a guy in his flat out lie, CHEATERS style. Some girls get all the fun.......Okay, so it wouldn't really be fun then.... but you can definitely laugh about it later!::

She told me that she would try and hold out as long as she could. I told her to keep me posted.

What's up with some of these people (male AND female)??? They are getting worse and worse......I don't know what the current situation is with my friend and her man; whether they are on good terms or not..... but cheating is a definite breech in the relationship contract, no if, and or buts about it!

 I talked to my fiance' about it and he just told me she was wrong for going through his phone..."that's what happens when you go snooping; you find sh*t you don't like" .... sad, and true.

I Hope my friend gets him real good, and leaves that ass. Sap sucka.

What do you think she should have done? Was she wrong for going through his phone or is she justified by what she found? Have you ever gone through your mates phone? Should she leave or consider other options?
 Comments and open discussion welcomed!!

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