Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I've become extra bored being here at the house all day now. And when I'm bored.... I tend to spend money. 

 ::don't judge, you're guilty too::

 This can be bad especially since we are tight with the funds right now. I'll be out of my bored space once school starts back but until then....... I'll be hiding my card from myself.

To curb my boredom, I picked up a puzzle from the Dollar Tree Monday:

And I'm making it my PERSONAL goal to have it finished by the 17th. 

Wanna know whats weird tho? I can not find the rest of the end pieces to seal off the rest of the edge of the puzzle. I think I got jipped.... Only at the Dollar Tree smh.

500 pieces (or maybe less)......... Yep, I'm beyond bored :-/ 

But I'm off to a good start.... and plus my babes is willing to help me out *SHOCKING* 
Today is the 4th so I got 13 days til my d-day, wish me luck with this one......

Love and Hip hop: Did you see Jimmy FINALLY popped the question to Chrissy?? Came all the way to Miami where she was to do it!! Aaww, super sweet :) She's still a mean girl tho :-/ but congrats anyways!!!

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