Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wedding stuff: Hair


I have decided to began aggressively growing my hair out to BSL by my wedding date
 [ that is STILL currently undecided ]
Every woman wants to have thick flowy hair for their wedding without extensions; I'm no exception lol Even  if I don't wear my hair down in big curls I still want to have enough hair to put it up into a pretty updo without the use of weave like this:


I love the criss-cross!! I would want some little tendrils out in either the front or back, maybe both.

My plan is to achieve BSL by Aug of this year since I have a feeling we will be getting married at the beginning of  2013.
Here's what I'll be doing to my hair:
  • Washing weekly; alternating co-wash and shampoo weeks
  • DC with every wash; protein one week, moisture the next
  • Moisturize and seal with oil every other day
  • Relax every 12wks
  • Take hair, nail and skin, vitamin D, and MSM vitamins daily
  • Search and destroy on my ends OFTEN
Seems pretty basic huh? Yea well I'm trying to keep it REALLY simple this year. And really pay attention to my hair's outcome...... I've always ever done what the next person claimed what worked for them, no bueno.
Hopefully my hair flourishes this year......  

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