Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friday!

TGIF folks! I've been wrapped up this week with... a little of this and that. But I am going to take this coming up weekend and focus on my needs and wants cause I'll be starting back school next week!! 

Yep, nursing school will be in FULL swing come Tuesday. I'm a lil antsy about it, I want to do WAY better than last semester and I know that can only happen if I stay on top of my assigned readings AND do my outside studying.....I hate studying though; this shall be interesting.

I dedicate this last free weekend to pampering myself which includes shopping, pedicures and other goodies :) this is MUCH needed as I haven't done anything like this for myself in EONS ::<------ yea, soooo a word:: I hope I still know how to shop, I'm a LOT rusty :s Should be fun nonetheless!!

I'll post pics of some of the things I get!!

Happy Friday:)

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