Friday, January 13, 2012

We kinda almost had a puppy....???

Every since I got out of school for the holiday break, I've been throwing hints that I wanted a dog..... I mean BIG hints. At first I would hear a solid "NO". Then it slowly changed to "maybe after we buy a house," or "we don't have enough room for one right now." Finally I wore the ole boy down and he said I could get one....I was ecstatic! I was all over craigslist looking for puppies [and tryna weed out scammers].....

I found the CUTEST 3mth old Chi/weenie mix that this girl was selling cause she claimed not to have enough time for him. I had her send me lots of pics and even a video of the pup and I asked tons of questions, she even told me that he had his rabies shot recently..... he was too.freekin.adorable. We arranged for me to come pick him up from her house this past Monday after my interview, and I just knew this would be the start of something great.....


To make a super long story short, I ended up dropping over $200 on him for shots [that he was SUPPOSED to have when he was around 4-6wks!!] food, toys, doggie kennel, de-worm medication [ cause he had  tapeworms too] and other ish in like 2 days cause she didn't give me anything that she had for him and failed to mention that he had NO shot records! Plus he wasn't even house broken, which means I was stuck trying to house train this pup on short notice... needless to say, I was more than overwhelmed, quickly realized my mistake....and wanted to give him back.

Lewis was NOT happy with that decision... at all. He told me that it was I that "BEGGED AND BEGGED for this damn dog, now you don't want him?" Hey give me some credit! At least I recognized early on that I couldn't take care of him like I wanted to and was tryna nip the situation in the bud before is was too late, right?

::yea, like paying a $300 pet deposit too late::

I guess he wanted me to "learn a lesson" by trying to force me to keep the dog...... but I'm not 12. And you can't make me keep anything that I bought with MY money. And I have the right to change my mind! After all, it was MY decision? Lewis was tripping.

Lucky for me, the girl hadn't stop texting me about the puppy since he left her yard. And the day I was on the fence about giving him back, she sent me this 4 page text message saying how she didn't realize she would miss him so much, so if it didn't work out or anything else just let her know cause she would GLADLY take her puppy back; and pay what I spent on him already.

 I called homegirl up and told her that if she could at least give me what I paid for him, the price of his shots and the doggie kennel back.... then she could come pick him up. She agreed and came and got him Thursday afternoon. He was EXTRA happy to see her, and it was like I never existed in his eyes :(  I was a lil sad to see him go, although he was a handful I had gotten a teeny bit attached. A few tears slid down my face when they left.... hate goodbyes...... BUT I know I made the best decision for me in the long run.

 Lewis will prolly be upset at what I did for a while and even said not to ask him for another one.... For a VERY long time. Blah. It's all good though.

I decided to get him a "Pain killer." Chrissy from "Love and Hip hop" describes a pain killer as something you get yourself when you can't have what you want.... or in my case trying to smooth over a situation lol

I'm going to get him a gift certificate to a spa so he can get a massage and his feet rubbed on.... I know he'll appreciate that :)

Sorry if this was super long, I can get carried away at times :-/

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  1. Aw thank you for sharing this story. I was not bored at all in fact I was entertained. But don't feel bad I think that you made the right decision and in the end the puppy was very happy and found a caring owner.