Saturday, January 14, 2012

My little bitty shopping haul

I told you that I was goin to do a lil shopping, shopping yesterday...

Shoot, I hadn't done it in so long it took my a minute to get into the swing of things lol. I'm so use to picking something up, walking around with it and then eventually putting it back. I even did it a few times in the first store I walked into.... but I was like "Bee, we are going to buy something!!" I hit Papaya, Aeropostale, and Victoria Secret...... And here's what I picked up:
Yoga pants $9.99, sunglasses $7.99 and capris $19.99

Close up on my shades


Purple shirt $9, Orange shirt $8.75
                                          Victoria Secret:
Each bra $15.99 and in my size, that's a STEAL!!!

Their new sleepwear shorts $4.99

I also bought some panties but I thought it would be TMI to post a pic!

And I got a pedicure:) $23
See, I did a lil sum sum huh? 

I spent majority of the money in VS though; they were having the Semi-annual sale and I couldn't resist! Plus I ♥ that store so... it was fate:) I got everything I bought on sale and I even got 2 coupons from Aeropostale; one says $10 off any $40 purchase and the other that says from Jan 16 to Feb 12 they are giving 25% off a new pair of jeans if you bring in an old  pair to donate to Homeless teens..... sounds like a GOOD deal to me!! 

I was looking to maybe spend about $225 total..... so I might have to do a little more shopping :) Then I'll be done til May. 

I think.

I've come to realize that I miss shopping for new things......might be doing it again a lil sooner than May!!


  1. Hi Thank you for following my blog!

    I love those tees you picked up and the bras are so cute and you're right they're at steal! I ♥ VS.


    1. Heeeeyyy I'm super excited that you stopped by! I love VS too.... they always get some of my $$ lol Thanks for your comment, I'll keep my eye out for some of your fashion tips!!