Monday, April 14, 2014

My first real DIY project

I've always been sort of a big craft and diy lurker. My favorite TV station is HGTV and I follow numerous craft bloggers and board on diy boards on Pintrest..... but I hadn't really done anything major in the crafting department..... maybe just painted a bucket or something small like fix up a poster board. Since we moved into our house though I felt like it was time for me to flex my craft muscle and attempt some stuff that I've been longing to do for a while. But what? Thinking, thinking, thinking..... GOT IT!

I decided to re-upholster my chair. Who has time for baby steps? Lol

About a year ago, I bought this old fashion chair for our living room because at the time we only had a 1 couch for everybody who ever came over to sit on. And if 5 people decided to come by that day.... 2 people wouldn't have a place to sit. The chair is pretty sturdy and feels good to sit in, it just looked fugly.

After about a year of undecided feelings, mixed in with life and new found time on my hands I finally pulled the trigger on attempting to re-fabric the chair. After doing some research and purchasing the fabric, I started the daunting task of taking off the fabric.

I will not lie to you, this is (in my opinion) the HARDEST part of the entire project! I promise their had to be like 10,000 staples in this chair and they were in the oddest places. What was more frustrating was that just when I thought I was finished pulling them all.... I would find another :(

I read that it's best to pay attention to how the fabric came off, so that you know how to put the new fabric on. There were some areas that I couldn't remember so I had to wing it.... oh well. Once I stripped all the old fabric, I simply placed the patterns against my new fabric and cut it to fit. After that I ironed my fabric so that is was wrinkle free, and began covering the chair section by section..... VOILA!

Not bad for my first time, right?

I can't wait to attempt another diy craft! :)

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